Red Light Therapy has helped both Michael Liner and Miriam Henke in their personal life. It has provided them with a natural cure for their respective medical conditions.

Miriam treated her lower back pain, underactive thyroid, which has now become more efficient and producing its own thyroid hormone for the first time in 15 years, with the use of non-invasive, chemical free Red Light Therapy from our LED devices.

Michael on the other hand, was in a car accident in 2017 and damaged both his shoulders, leaving him with chronic pain and limited strength and functionality. Using a combination of physiotherapy and LED belt, his shoulders started to heal within a month, aches and pains reduced dramatically within days of first use. The application of specific wavelengths of light caused no pain and greatly improved his mobility and strength. It was truly a paradigm shift for him simply being able to lift both arms above his head!

Having personally experienced the benefits of the alternative treatments that Red Light Therapy devices offer, Miriam and Michael co-created Lifespan Dynamics, to bring evidence-based and effective natural health products directly to the consumer.

In August 2021 Miriam and Michael made the move to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to partner in a new wellness clinic based in Maroochydore, The LightBridge Clinic. The clinic will give you the opportunity to try our devices in a real-world clinical environment guided by our qualified technologists.

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Michaels Car Accident
Mt Compass, SA 2017





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Miriam & Professor Sungkyoo Lim
GMES, Korea 2018






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Banjo Our Dog
South Australia 2018








Lifespan Dynamics has thus become the vehicle to bring these quality Korean-made LED devices to Australia, New Zealand and now globally. In September 2018, Miriam flew to South Korea to meet the manufacturing company. Quickly discovering she and the company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, Professor Sungkyoo Lim shared a common vision for red light therapy to bring affordable and sustainable healing to the world, the new brand, CelLED, was created and ambitious targets were set.

Each of our product is specifically created for its quality, ease of use, and bringing genuine healing offering the ultimate detox at a cellular level and a natural way to relieve aches and pains, mosquito bites, bee stings to showing promising benefits in Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Our range of quality products and services are mainly sold through a global distribution network and through our online shop. We have specifically sought to set up a network of knowledgeable, professional and experienced organisations and individuals who share our vision of making healthcare and longevity accessible and affordable for all.

Now based in Maroochydore, Queensland as part of The LightBridge Clinic, Lifespan Dynamics seek to bring insights from world-wide scientific research, translating it into accessible information you can understand and use. We personally have tried and tested our devices and products and use them on ourselves, as do our children, family and friends (even our dog!) – they all love them!

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