• cosmetic_uses_RLT

    How to get youthful by treating your skin with a Red Light Therapy Device

    Who doesn’t want to age well? Using anti-ageing creams, facials to going under the knife, we all want smooth, supple and youthful skin. Non-invasive Red light therapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses red, low-level wavelengths of light. When exposed to red light therapy, the body produces a biochemical cascade that boosts the amount of …

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  • Family_with_a_pet

    How to treat your furry family members with Red Light Therapy

    Just like humans, cats and dogs can immensely benefit from Red Light Therapy. Yes, you heard it right; your furry family members can also be treated with this natural, non-invasive and chemical free therapy.  Red light therapy, also known as photomodulation, is increasingly becoming popular for a variety of conditions amongst animals. Veterinarians have used …

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  • Ladies_hand_bruised

    How to treat bites, bruises and stings with Red Light Therapy

    Everyday bites, burns, bruises and stings are most commonly treated with some home remedies. Only more serious conditions (or reactions) need a medical professional’s attention. Like with so many conditions, Red Light Therapy helps with all these conditions and in some cases offers near instant relief. Wounds, bruises, burns and splinters usually cause inflammation and …

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  • How Red Light Therapy helps regrow bones

    Infrared and red light therapies have been proven to be beneficial for a number of conditions and diseases. The natural, non-invasive, detoxifying therapy remedies the root cause of the health condition rather than just treating the symptoms unlike modern medicine which aims to treat symptoms. Red light therapy has shown positive results for bone health, …

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  • pLED_size_compaison_CelLED_Device

    How to use a Red Light Therapy device to its optimum use

    Every device has guidelines to use it. You would surely read the instruction manual and set up your CelLED LED Belt device for your Red Light Therapy treatment. Here are some basic rules that you might want to consider for the optimum usage of your device: POSITION You can sit in any position to use …

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    What Natural Chemical-Free Therapy Is Best For Chronic Pain? We Compare TENS To Red Light Therapy

    Chronic pain affects one in five people, including one in three Australians over 65[1], according to the advocacy group Pain Australia. It adversely affects the lives of those who experience it, reducing the scope of their daily activities and affecting their ability to work and participate in hobbies and activities. It can also lead to …

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  • Treating_coughs_and_colds_with_PBMt

    Treating Colds & Coughs With Red Light Therapy

    It’s the season of flu, colds and coughs, that are not only irritating but tiring. While, we all run to get our Benedryls, Panadols and Vicks, they all run their course with only temporary relief. Red Light Therapy devices can help with any and every ailment, including common cold, cough and flu. Also known by …

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