The CelLED range has a product to suit your specific healthcare and healing needs. All our devices are of the highest quality; designed and built for comfort, durability and wearability. To find out more about the creator of CelLED devices, Professor Sungkyoo Lim please click here.

CellLED Belts

CelLED devices have been developed with a top-down approach; studying the very latest in scientific and medical research globally and applying these learnings into the very essence of these Photobiomodulation products. Devices designed and optimized for clinical application, but with the simplicity and flexibility of patient home use expanding the scope of treatment possibilities. CelLED devices provide a hand-in-glove approach for both the busy medical practice and lone practitioner wishing to offer a safe, fast, non-invasive and scientifically proven solution to their valued clients. Whether it be as a pain-relieving intermediary between client visits or as a cost-effective solution with incredible patient benefits.

Whether you’re an active baby-boomer playing golf, bowls, croquet, tennis or spending your golden years travelling and exploring the world, health and mobility are sadly things that decline with age whilst aches and pains creep in. Red light therapy has been shining the light (so-to-speak) on age related conditions with some incredible results, especially alleviating chronic pain. Recent studies in treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis to name but a few show incredible promise; and we won’t mention those ‘other’ age-related conditions of hair loss and wrinkles being reversed!

Isn’t it time you shine a light on your health and wellbeing?

What makes CelLED devices different?

Some of the things which set CelLED apart from our competitors is the ongoing comittment to ongoing research and development – collaborating with the leading researchers and academics in the field of PBM in both clinical and real-world setting and integrating these advances directly into CelLED devices to bring to you, our customers.

  • German made OSRAM LED chips
  • Customised LED lens packages
  • Hospital grade silicon pads
  • Optimised pulse frequencies and energy delivery
  • Patented flexible design belt
  • Designed as a FDA/TGA/EU compliant medical device
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
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