I’ve found the LED Belt easy, comfortable and comforting. It’s helped ease muscular and joint pain, and headaches. I used belt daily for a few weeks before my mastectomy and may have contributed to better than expected breast cancer histopathology. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Pauline D, 59, Registered Nurse, Adelaide, Australia

It’s easy to use and quickly helps the sore spots feel good. I’ve only had it for a short while, yet I can say what I have used on myself has greatly improved. I am using it on my son for his cerebral palsy. Time will tell!

Kristy D, 44, Personal Coach & Counsellor, Adelaide, Australia

It’s convenient to use wherever and whenever. Warming effect is nice and relaxing. Been good for managing pain and inflammation.

Christopher B, Web Developer and Entrepreneur, Adelaide, Australia

I’ve been using my SE Belt most days for several months all over my body – for RSI across shoulders/upper arms, arthritic pain, inflammation in foot, back ache, and muscle tension. The RSI no longer bothers me, foot inflammation gone, and the other aches & pains have eased. I love having my own means I can use whenever I feel the need, and it is effective drug-free relief!

Margaret H, 71, Retired School Teacher, Adelaide, Australia

Lower back pain, pain gone, arthritic pain gone! I can be in the garden all day with no pain afterwards.

Maree C, Retired Business Owner, Christchurch, New Zealand

I had shoulder joint pain in both shoulders and it’s completely gone and needed less frequent treatment over time. I like that it’s been easy to use, I have no pain at night and no medication is required.

Tibor C, 58, Facilities/Maintenance Manager, Christchurch, New Zealand

I’ve used my LED Belt all over my body, curious to see what changes I’d notice. I found my eyes improve – no more “floaties”. I treated my liver as well, its condition picked up dramatically after 2 sessions. I’ve also treated pain in different areas of my body and found continued effects for extended periods of days and weeks after just one treatment.

Paul B, 65, Inventor and Researcher, Adelaide, Australia

It’s a device I can use at home and helps whenever I want to with no extra cost (i.e. massage). It’s been great for sore muscles and for the oncoming of a sore throat

K, 43, Adelaide, Australia

After 35 years my husband’s frozen shoulder is so much better – he can now raise his arm right over his head! It’s been working wonders with my psoriasis and helping me lose weight too – I’ve been steadily losing 0.5kg per week putting the belt over my tummy.

Lee, Retired Nurse, Ardrossan, Australia
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