Clinical Use

Red Light Therapy, delivered by LEDs, is not new to the medical industry and is already being used by doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists and other practitioners to assist their patients to achieve their recovery goals.

The technology is a perfect pairing to what most complementary and allied healthcare providers advocate and bring to the medical community: healthy, non-invasive, natural, drug-free healing and pain management options that are highly efficacious. When compared to the cost and side-effect spectrum of many pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries, LED-based light therapy can be a cost effective alternative.

CelLED devices have been developed with a top-down approach; studying the very latest in scientific and medical research globally and applying these learnings into the very essence of these Photobiomodulation products. Our LED devices are designed to be optimised for clinical application, but with the simplicity and flexibility of patient home use expanding the scope of treatment possibilities.

Chiropractors in the United States extensively use LED Devices in their practices. Practitioner-based publication, Chiropractor Economics, recently highlighted to their readers:

“There are distinct advantages to using LED therapy devices in your clinical practice. For example: Patients can be left unattended during therapy, maximizing staff resources. Large surface areas can be covered by the LED pad or panel, delivering therapeutic photons broadly and safely to the targeted area of the body. And systems are generally portable and user friendly.

Moreover, LED light therapy can help you enter niche markets, such as peripheral neuropathy and brain injuries. These are areas where LED light therapy is appearing to be more effective than pharmaceutical approaches.”

CelLED devices provide a hand-in-glove approach for both the busy medical or health practice and the lone practitioner wishing to offer a safe, fast, non-invasive and scientifically proven solution to their valued clients. Whether it be as an additional in-clinic treatment option, a value-add to your existing patient work, or a pain-relieving intermediary between client visits, the CelLED Devices offer a cost-effective solution with incredible patient benefits.

We know that many practitioners find that their own minds and bodies take a toll from their intensive patient work. We’ve had many practitioner invest in a CelLED device to assist in their own self-care, pain management and preserving the “tools” of their work.


With so many benefits to bring to your clinic, patient care and self-care, the CelLED Devices are an ideal and cost-effective addition to your clinical practice.

We actively present to doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, remedial therapists and nursing staff on a regular basis. Education is the primary focus of our presentations with absolutely no obligation or pressure to purchase. We can even tailor specific packages to incorporate CPD to further capitalise on your time investment and making it a fun and engaging educational approach.

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