Biophotonica ReGenPod Q8 – Quad Wavelength, 7500W+, Cloud Connected, Programmable Full Body Photobiomodulation Pod – The Most Powerful Full Body Pod In The World

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Why is the ReGen Q8 the absolute best?

1. 360° Light and 5X More Light Than Most Systems
2. Better Wavelengths produce Higher Efficacy
3. The Ultimate is Pulsing & Protocol Control
4. Integrated Synchronised Sound
5. Spacious Interior and Kiosk Provide the Best User Experience
6. Cloud Connected System is Constantly Improving

Product Features


LED Driven

360° of high-intensity LEDs Drive specific wavelengths of Red and Near Infrared (NIR) light deep into to tissue to trigger a photochemical reaction in the Mitochondria to release Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). With the highest light density (fluence) in the industry. The ReGen Pod was created to deliver better results than we see in laser therapy but with a higher safety factor and will less time and skill requirements. We use the most industry-standard wavelengths to provide the optimum cellular stimulation. Based on our Stim-Cell Technology, we combine multiple modalities into one intensive therapy session.


Pulsing Protocols

The ReGen Pod is unique because it is based on a cloud-connected architecture that makes it easy to build multi-step protocols based on our library of classical and contemporary pulsing presets (like building blocks). The system comes with hundreds of factory protocols, but the user can easily create custom protocols in just seconds. A typical protocol can start with a continuous wave on all wavelengths for 2 minutes, and then it can be followed with a pulse of all the IR bands (not the red) at 10Hz and then any combination of pulsing up to 40,000Hz. We sometimes do not want to pulse red band below 60Hz can cause which can cause seizures in epileptics, so the system has built-in users selectable safety. Because the system is cloud-connected, that list of protocols is always improving and growing.


4 Wavelengths

We use a custom combination of red and infrared wavelengths (630nm, 810nm, 850nm, and 940nm) optimised for PBM, not just cosmetics or marketing purposes. Go to the disco if you want blue, green, yellow, and purple lights. If you wish for a photochemical reaction, our blend of red and infrared wavelengths is based on the best practices and most established research in PBMT.


Sound Integration

Optional synchronized sound adds a new dimension to cell stimulation (as shown in a recent Alzheimer’s study). Internal to the ReGen pods are Rockford Fosgate speakers and a headphone jack that are connected to the main processor. This allows the system to offer a wide variety of audio options, including Bluetooth connectivity, executing pulsing programs with synchronised sound, and listening to meditation tracks or guided audio tracks that focus on healing. When you combine this optional audio experience with high-intensity light therapy, the two modalities build on each other for the best results. Combining selective use of light and sound provides a complete option for a wider variety of health issues.


Optimum Dosage

For every device on the market that delivers an appropriate dosage of light energy, hundreds don’t even come close. Because of their low-powered LEDs, many LED systems cannot provide an adequate dosage even if you use them 24 hours a day. With up to 8000 watts of total power output, our systems can deliver dosages faster than other PBMT devices.


Software Driven

Unlike older hardware-based technologies, the ReGen Pod is cloud-connected and uses propriety software that allows the ReGen Pod to continuously improve. Our architecture is built from the ground up to give users control to set software variables to customise the system for their needs. Our system offers huge possibilities for adapting the pod to your needs. This also means that as the technology evolves, the ReGen Pod will evolve too. Since the system is cloud-connected, upgrades to the system can be done overnight.


What makes the ReGenPod different from others?

As an engineering-driven customer-focused company, ReGen Systems strive to master every detail about light therapy, the practical applications of PhotoBioModulation (PBM) and every detail about all the PBM options. We think that buyers should know every option before they make such an expensive purchase so we will want buyer to understand how our product stacks up again the competition. There are definitely some companies that try to keep buyers in the dark about their options but we feel that anyone who does their homework will see that the ReGen Pod is the best system that you can buy. Based on our years of experience supporting and training thousands of professional in the area of laser therapy and PBM, we know what it takes to make a great Pod and because our system is the only cloud connected pod, it continuously get better every day.

The following is a brief comparison of the ReGen Pod to several other pods. We wish we could publish more details but we are legally limited and we can not print the real names of the competition due to copyright and trademark requirements. The specs shown are from published documents and websites and are not guaranteed. They are listed for comparison purposes only. Please confirm the competing specs yourself and don’t buy a system until you understand how these features and specs affect performance.

SpecReGen Pod Q8NovoThor®Arrc®TL360Prism®
Power Input76002400350042002400
Wavelengths633, 810, 850, 940630, 660, 850850, 630, 650, 528633, 810, 850, 940630, 650, 850
Pulsing /ContinuousMulti-step with Pulsing & CWCW OnlyCW OnlyYesCW Only
CommunicationWiFi a,b,n + BluetoothNoneNoneBluetoothNone
Pulsing Frequencies1-40,000 HzNoneNone10 – 5000HzNone
User InterfaceExternal 12.9″ & 8″ InternalOn/Off Switch, Timer and turn off IRTouchscreen on some modelsFront mounted touchscreenNo
Internal SoundSynchronised Sound & Bluetooth & PlaylistNoNoBluetoothNo
Dosage Deliver Rate HighMediumMediumLowLow
Cloud connected deviceYesNoNoNoNo
Adjusts for user size & skinYesNoNoNoNo
Internal library of pulsing presetsYesNoNoNoNo
Internal library of programsYesNoNoNoNo
Wireless remote controlYesNoNoNoNo
Complex and Sweep pulsingYesNoNoNoNo
Multi-step protocolsUnlimitedNoNoNoNo
Independent wavelengthsYesNoNoYesNo
User trackingYesNoNoNoNo
Integral video conferencesYesNoNoNoNo
Cloud troubleshooting & repairYesNo
“Future-Proof” updatesYesNoNoNoNo
Safety over-ride for seizuresYesNoNoNoNo
Remote program creationYesNoNoNoNo

As you can see in the table, the ReGen Pod is Light Years Ahead of the Competition™.

No other system gives you the flexibility, control and power of the ReGen Pod.

FYI, we are very grateful to the “Novo” for proving that customers will buy a whole body photobiomodulation systems. They really proved the need for a higher-powered, high-quality PhotoBioModulation system. If you have seen one of the competing pods, it might be hard to believe all the extra technology that goes into a ReGen Pod.

If you are confused about another pods that looks similar to the ReGen Pod, please check the specs and features carefully. They might look similar at first glance but they are radically different.


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