Researchers, Academics and NGOs

New advances and insights into Photonic Therapy being realized almost daily in the academic world, ongoing research and stringent validation is a fundamental need in this exciting field.

Our aim is to partner with academic faculties, researchers and charitable organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and The Red Cross to further this body of evidence and use of Red Light Therapy in the field. If you are affiliated with or know of an individual or group who would be interested in partnering with us to further this field.


Being a highly ecological treatment modality, Red Light Therapy could well be the perfect conjunction to existing treatments in a variety of specialist medical fields.

The following considerations provide for an excellent pre-clinical ethical profile:

  1. Safe – No known adverse reactions
  2. Non-Invasive – Red light penetrates to 20mm, whilst Near Infrared light can penetrate to a depth of 100mm against bare skin.
  3. Fast – Therapeutically beneficial biological cascades begin at a cellular level in under three minutes with typical dosage times of 5-60 minutes
  4. Efficacy – Statistically significant results are being seen in over 130 known conditions with over 4500 peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials in both animal and human models
  5. Long Lasting – Ongoing beneficial effects are being seen weeks and months after initial treatment
  6. Multi-Faceted – Researchers are witnessing beneficial results in both symptoms and the underlying cause
  7. Synergistic – Through its biological effects existing interventions (pharmaceutical, surgical, therapeutic) can be further enhanced
  8. Flexibility – Low power demands and power source flexibility (Grid-connected, automotive vehicle and battery options available) provide virtually limitless application options in the field, clinical and laboratory environments
  9. Industry leading quality – Being designed and manufactured for clinical use to the latest in medical device standards you and your team can be assured of consistent parameters and the integration of the latest in device research and application
  10. Non-Local Intervention – Adjacent application of Red Light Therapy to wound/treatment areas showing extensive therapeutic benefits
  11. Environmentally Friendly – One device, literally thousands of applications and positive interventions with little to no wastage to landfill
  12. Value For Money – Highly attractive procurement costs for qualified organisations, research facilities and NGO’s and virtually no ongoing expenses provides for excellent ROI

We have access to multiple academic and clinical leaders in the field globally to connect you to.

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