Professor Sungkyoo Lim, creator of CelLED

Lifespan Dynamics with Professor Sungkyoo Lim, have together developed the CelLED brand of flexible Red Light Therapy devices to be used either at home for a natural alternative treatment or in a medical practice to treat more challenging conditions like the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis.

Professor Sungkyoo Lim graduated from Seoul National University for his BS and MS in Electronics Engineering and Ph.D. from Oregon State University in Electrical Engineering. He has focused his research and development primarily on LCD backlighting, LED lighting, and LED phototherapy devices for medical applications and published many technical papers on the same.

He has received several awards from SID for his technical papers and dedication to his craft.

Professor Lim has been concentrating on phototherapy device research for more than 15 years now, often meeting with and collaborating with other world leading researchers and developers in the field such as Professor Michael Hamblin (The Wellman Institute, Harvard University), James Carroll (Thor Laser) and Dr Lew Lim (Vie Light) to employ the latest advances in phototherapy research and technology into the CelLED devices.

Currently, he is spending most of his time developing LED phototherapy devices for medical and healthcare applications. He is very much interested in finding the best applications of personal, home use LED phototherapy devices for pain relief, skin rejuvenation, fat loss, brain care such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases and traumatic brain injuries.

He also has authored several papers on LED phototherapy. Having worked extensively with Dankook University, South Korea (and their associated teaching hospital) he is now dividing his time and also working as a research professor at Kent State University in Ohio, USA.

Professor Lim regularly speaks at industry and academic events and hosts workshops in Photobiomodulation Therapy Use, Research & Development for Doctors, Academics and Research Organisations globally.

If you would like Professor Lim at one of your events or arrange for a customised workshop or presentation, click here.

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